HDR Exposure stacking with Pixels

16bit HDR image from an iPad

I’ve been working on a framework for the past year. It’s a realtime graphics framework called Pixels. It’s built in Swift & Metal and runs on iOS & macOS.

With support for 16 bit image processing I decided to test out exposure stacking. By combining several 8 bit images at different exposures we get an 16 bit image with high dynamic range.

I’m modifying the exposure duration and ISO of the iPad camera to change the amount of light being captured. The process takes around 10 seconds for 12 images.

Here’s the result:

Xcode project on GitHub.

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  1. Hi,
    Congrats to create a beautiful library. You’ve done excellent jobs. I recently started learning Metal framework. I’m really interested in image processing stuff. So, can you tell me how to learn image processing.

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